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Our Locations

Design Group serves clients from over 40 global offices in the US and India. Each of our offices is staffed to support a wide variety of projects and applications. Our “one firm” organizational philosophy ensures seamless collaboration between offices for staffing large projects and ensures that we meet specialized technical requirements for our clients. Design Group Facility Solutions, a wholly-owned and professionally licensed engineering subsidiary of Design Group, operates out of the two offices represented by blue markers.

Design Group

Cadence Technologies

ControlTech Automation

International Offices

*Designates a Design Group Facility Solutions, Inc. (DGFSI) location.
**Barry-Wehmiller Design Group, Inc. (BWDGI) Raleigh Office provides technical staff to clients and does not offer engineering services in the State of North Carolina. In addition, Design Group Facility Solutions, Inc. provides only general contracting services in North Carolina and no engineering is provided.  All engineering services required on North Carolina projects is offered/performed by the associated entity of DG Facility Solutions, PLLC from the Concord, NH office.
***Barry-Wehmiller International Private Limited