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Equipment Design Solutions

Equipment Design Solutions

Realizing Your Product Potential

Engineers are the heart of product development and are key to the manufacturing process, which is why Design Group offers a number of engineering solutions to help you overcome even your most challenging obstacles and set your business up for success.

Every day, manufacturers like you are faced with the need to streamline processes, improve productivity, efficiently manage the product lifecycle, improve the effectiveness of managing client relations all while focusing on core innovation and development priorities.

Engineering teams often find themselves burdened with non-core activities that prevent them from successfully accomplishing the business objectives of product innovation and time-to-market, which makes it difficult to meet market demands and competitive pressures.

Learn more about Design Group's project experience in the Equipment Design Solutions Project Profiles.

  • Product Development Solutions

    Reduce Your Development Costs and Time-to-Market

    We know that your business is under constant pressure to decrease time-to-market, improve competitive advantage and reduce overall costs. We’re here to assist you with our proven methodologies that offer both strategic and operational vision for your organization, all while working closely with you to resolve your biggest challenges.

    Our core services include:

    Our Solutions

    With our team of inspired people, you can expect Design Group to work with your business throughout every stage of the manufacturing process. For the design stages, we support you with design optimization, part standardization, and modularization. To assist in optimizing costs, we offer an Onsite- Offshore model of engineering that allows for a lower product cost, faster time-to-market, and improves your ROI.

    ProPEL - Design Group's Product Development Process

    ProPEL is Design Group's proven product development process that manages the scope of the project while reducing risks. This process ensures your product development team creates world-class levels of quality products in less time and at lower costs.

    ProPEL (Pro-active Product Engineering Language), is based on the industry standard Phase-Gate Process together with the Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) approach.

    We also provide alternate sourcing solutions that empower ideas and decisions around Make vs Buy Analysis, BOM Error Correction and Inventory Planning. We give your team the right tools to help make the most informed decisions that result in the biggest ROI for your company.

    Solving Your Pain Points

    We understand the challenges that you face on a daily basis. Our services and solutions, along with our knowledgeable and capable team members, work together with you to resolve your company’s biggest pain points including:

    • The need for rapid evaluation of product designs through virtual prototyping
    • Optimizing product performance and reducing product costs
    • Operating on products with different complexity levels through modularization
    • Product benchmarking leading to reduced material costs
    • Adhering to regulatory compliances and safety standards
    • Managing multiple product teams around the globe and resolving issues from concurrent product engineering
    • Improving the interaction between multiple engineering and manufacturing teams across sites and even across the globe to increase the ability to innovate and shorten the time to market

    Product Development

    We listen to your needs

    We live in a world of constant change. Manufacturing technologies, markets and consumer demands are constantly evolving, leaving companies like yours with challenges including:

    • Achieving dynamic agility in designing products for value
    • Improving the balance between cost, quality and design-time
    • Bringing innovation into products

    The Outsider's Perspective

    Product design and development can benefit greatly from having an outsider’s perspective.  This perspective is even more valuable if it comes from people with different, yet related, industry backgrounds. Applying the multi-domain expertise in product design requires a framework to gather, evaluate, and incorporate design ideas.

    We at Design Group have experience with product design and engineering across multiple domains and have demonstrated this ability in delivering end-to-end solutions for our clients. Let us deliver new ideas to your vision with product development.

    Range of Services:

    Product design and engineering to Product Lifecycle Management support, which includes 

    • Field service data-based quality improvements
    • Creation of model line variants to maximize the investment on capital expenses
    We ensure that through the entire product development cycle your needs are carefully listened to, resulting with the end product’s strong market acceptance. 

    Our Offerings:
    • Product Ideation & Concept Design
    • Product Engineering
    • Design Validation 
    • Detail Engineering
    • Prototyping & test (support)
    • Tool development (support)
    • First Part approval
    • Too capability studies & Tool approval
    • Product Certification (support)
    • Product Lifecycle Management

    Product Cost Optimization

    Optimizing Product Cost for Maximizing Revenue

    Manufacturers like you are under constant pressure to optimize product costs, improve time-to-market, all while creating high quality products without compromising features or functionality. This balancing act is key to maximizing revenue for your company.

    We can work with you to optimize:

    • Bill of Materials’ cost 
    • Engineering process cost
    • Manufacturing cost 

    How Design Group can help

    We offer comprehensive product cost optimization (PCO) solutions for manufacturers worldwide. By following a systematic analysis of the components of the costs that go into manufacturing a product, we enable manufacturers to save money throughout the various stages of the product life cycle. We use industry proven techniques and methodologies such as DFM, DFT and DFA to save costs and maximize revenue. 

    Our Unique Model

    Much of a product’s overall cost can be determined early in the product development phase, where design decisions can directly influence later engineering and manufacturing efficiency (and, in turn, your overall product cost). 

    Our unique model determining product cost maturity is used to break-down cost into key components, and recognizing core areas for improvement throughout the product engineering process.  We assist manufacturers by identifying product cost optimization opportunities, and addressing those opportunities with the final aim of reducing product cost through the following approaches:

    • Lean Product Development
    • Standardization & Modularization
    • Value Engineering
    • Engineering Collaboration

    Engineering Collaboration

    Design, Manufacture & Sell Anywhere

    Developing products across different sites makes it easy for manufacturers to improve time-to-market and optimize their ROI. While cross-site production has many benefits, it also comes with its own set of challenges:

    • Engineering groups having to manage and track collaborative engineering processes across various teams and locations
    • Streamlining information flow between the global locations quickly and still remain easily accessible 
    • Handling multi-site communication (globally distributed supplier base, manufacturing sites) and multi-CAD data
    • Address traceability of parts, data duplication, part proliferation, IP and version control issues due to disparate systems and data silos

    What Design Group can do for you

    At Design Group, we understand your need to design anywhere and manufacture anywhere. With our engineering collaboration, we can set up an integrated and unified engineering collaboration platform that you can use for concurrent product development across the globe with:

    • Logically unified product development processes
    • Centralized Part Numbering System
    • Multi-CAD integrated system which maintains and publishes Single Source of Truth (BOM)
    • Reusable and ready to use parts data

    With Engineering Collaboration, your business will see many benefits:

    • Logically unified product development processes
    • Reduction in cost of engineering – less effort with design & development, improvement in cycle time and minimum effort on non-value added activities like searching for the required part
    • Reduced Cost of Operation due to simplification and streamlining of electronics review & approval process and the ease of the availability of data to participating stakeholders at earlier stages of the product development
    • Lower Cost of Quality and cost of supply due to better predictability of product performance achieved by stakeholders’ collaboration, easily traceable change history and reduction in the number of defects
    • Reduction in Cost of Service due to better management of requirements & higher quality which reduces client complaints, increasing client satisfaction

    Sustaining Engineering

    Sustain your existing product portfolios

    We know that maintaining and growing market share is a crucial for manufacturers like you, especially as new products are introduced into the market. 

    While new products can improve your market share, it is also extremely important to sustain your existing product portfolios through general maintenance and upkeep. This work can often distract your best and brightest resources from developing those groundbreaking new products that can be the source of future revenue.

    Our team at Design Group specializes in providing clients with customized Sustaining Engineering solutions that enable organizations like yours to benefit from the investments you have already made.

    Sustaining engineering services can be applied to any product that needs improvement at any stage of its lifecycle. Our team works closely with you to address the requirements related to product enhancements, develop product variants to match evolving competition and also to address quality issues that arise from products are already in the field.

    Solutions include:

    • Engineering Change Order (ECO) Management
    • After-market support
    • Creating model line variants of an existing foot print
    • Addressing quality issues from field through design revisions
    • Design modifications to accommodate changes in bought-out parts

    Global Engineering Center

    Streamline your engineering team

    Every manufacturer experiences spikes in demand that often leads to the need for more resources. Design Group offers a unique model to help meet your engineering team’s growth requirements. With our Global Engineering Center, your company can utilize skilled engineers that can supplement your engineering team and carry out product development activities and also core engineering disciplines (including mechanical, electrical, controls, piping and instrumentation) and assist your engineering team with execution.

    Our Engineering Centers give your organization the necessary bandwidth without the hassles of recruitment, human resources, administrative or legal issues such as loss of intellectual property and control. While the centers are set up by us at Design Group, they are controlled by you, giving your organization the flexibility of a larger engineering team to successfully handle your projects.

    There are many benefits to having an engineering team spread out across the globe, and with modern technology making communication across sites seamless, many manufacturers are seeing improvements with time-to-market, and reduced costs without sacrificing product quality.

    As your partner in outsourcing talent, at Design Group, we work closely with your company to customize the program to meet global standards and the specific needs of your organization such as manufacturing, core engineering, and support functions. We have implemented onsite, near-shore, off-shore and hybrid models for a wide range of manufacturers to create a global engineering organization that aligns with the goals of our clients.

    Our Global Engineering Center Offerings:

    • Product Development
    • Product Cost Optimization
    • Sustaining Engineering
    • Engineering Collaboration
    • Control and Automation
  • Process Systems Engineering

    Design and Engineering Offerings for the Oil & Gas, Water and other process industries

    Engineering managers and the head of operations from companies from Process Equipment manufacturing, Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) contracting, and Engineering and Fabrication often face challenges in:

    • Process Engineering
    • Process module layouts, plant and skid piping layouts using PDMS/PDS/CADWorx/SolidWorks
    • Design and detailed engineering of pressure vessels and heat exchangers
    • Pipe stress analysis, pipe support design and piping isometrics with BOM
    • Design of steel structures for process skid modules and pipe racks
    • Electrical and instrumentation design including panel design, DCS and PLC design


    • Oil and Gas 
    • Water and Waste Water Treatment
    • Power Industries
    • Chemicals and other process industries
    • Energy solutions

    Our Offerings

    Process Engineering Support

    • Process Simulation Studies
    • Oil and Water Separation studies (2&3 Phase)
    • Crude Desalting
    • Gas Dehydration, Sweetening and Dew Pointing
    • Fuel Gas Treatment
    • Produced Water Treatment
    • Generation of PFD and P&IDs
    • Heat & Mass Balance studies
    • Hydraulic studies 
    • CFD Analysis 
    • Oil Removal and Recovery 
    • Package R.O. Plants for Sea Water and Waste Water
    • Industrial Water Treatment Systems: D.M. / R.O. / Softening 

    Electrical Engineering

    • Panel design
    • Low and medium voltage power distribution panels
    • Power Distribution System (SLD)
    • MCC panel GA & Layout
    • Cable trench & tray drawings
    • Transformer, bus bar and cable sizing
    • ETAP analysis, electrical load list
    • Earthing and lighting calculations
    • Detailed BoM

    Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

    • Design and Engineering to ASME Sec. VIII Div. 1 & 2, PD5500, EN13445, API 650 / 620 & TEMA
    • Detailed manufacturing drawings for pressure vessels, columns, tanks and heat exchangers
    • Thermal design of heat transfer equipment (HTRI)
    • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

    Civil and Structural Engineering

    • Stress analysis of structures using FEA
    • Design of process modules, skids and pipe racks (STAAD.Pro) for American and European codes
    • Detailed structural models and drawings (TEKLA)
    • Design of pre-engineered buildings (PEB)
    • Equipment foundations and RCC tanks

    Piping and Packaging Engineering

    • Piping flexibility and stress analysis
    • Plant and skid layouts
    • 3-D modeling and clash detection
    • Piping Isometrics and BOM

    Instrumentation and Safety Instrumentation Engineering

    • Instrumentation
    • Instrument IO list
    • Process hookup and logic drawings
    • Instrument loop diagram
    • Cause and effect matrix
    • Interface termination drawing
    • Fire and gas detectors location and Layout


    • SIL audit and reporting
    • SIL instrumentation selection, configuration and implementation

    Controls and Automation Engineering

    Our pipeline system solutions comprise of SCADA, RTUs and field instruments for the control of valve stations, and metering stations by linking the RTUs with a SCADA control room.
  • PLM Solutions

    Reduce Your Time-to-market & Improve Product Quality

    Every day, manufacturers like you are faced with challenges including streamlining processes, increasing productivity, efficiently managing the product life-cycle, and improving client relations, all while simultaneously working on core innovation, and development priorities.

    With PLM consultants across the globe, we at Design Group support manufacturers like you with evaluating PLM systems, optimizing your current system, and unlocking business and engineering value across the product life-cycle.

    Our team of experts apply their extensive industry knowledge with leading technologies and best practices to identify and implement total operational solutions to meet your product development, lean manufacturing, and time-to-market needs.

    We provide complete turnkey PLM consulting solutions that support multiple platforms including PTC Windchill and Siemens Teamcenter.

    Our Solutions


    • Business Process Consulting Services, Assessments & System Audits
    • PLM Technology Evaluation & Selection - PLM Advisory Services
    • PLM System Infrastructure Design
    • Engineering Process Assessments
    • Application Performance Management Solutions


    • PLM System Infrastructure Deployment
    • Quick-start implementations
    • Custom implementations
    • Multi-site / Multi-country deployments
    • Industry best practices recommendations
    • Regulatory compliance adoptions
    • Standardization
    • Project management
    • PLM System Monitoring & Maintenance
    • PTC Navigate 

    Upgrades and Migration

    • Service pack upgrade
    • Version upgrade
    • Customization upgrade
    • Integration module upgrade
    • Software Compatibility matrix
    • PDM to PLM upgrades
    • Database upgrade
    • Replication site upgrade
    • Data analysis and classification
    • Data clean up activity
    • Migration methodology and process
    • Migration utility development
    • Test and production migration
    • Data replication
    • Legacy customization migration


    • Multi-CAD integration
    • ERP Integration
    • MRP Integration
    • SharePoint Integration
    • Multi-site environment integration
    • Product enhancement
    • Integration module
    • Automate ECN/ECR process
    • Workflow automation
    • Custom configuration
    • Vendor / Customer portal creation

    Global Support Solutions

    • Preventive maintenance and system health checks, including database
    • Recommend patches and fixes
    • Monitor disk space usage
    • System administration 

    ALM Service Offerings

    • ALM Process Implementation
    • Integrity - Windchill  Integration
    • Integration of Integrity with other development products

    Training and User Adoption


    PLM Applications

    PLM manages the entire product life cycle from inception, through engineering design and manufacture, to after-market sales and services.  It integrates people, data, processes and business systems and provides a product information backbone for companies and their extended enterprise.  Basically, it is the backbone of a product’s value chain in an organization. 

    Most PLM implementations require varying degrees of customizations based on usage and preferences of the client.  These customizations, often give rise to operational challenges in the software with regards to day-to-day activities.  Our PLM experts realized that these challenges are not entirely unique and similar situations arise in other implementations with different clients.  So, as a value-add, our experts have developed a set of applications which are operational shortcuts to overcome these challenges. These applications enable PLM users to be more productive and efficient by saving time and effort and thus, realize optimal value out of the software.


    Current PLM Apps Developed by Design Group:
    • Change Summary Report
    • BOM release report
    • Document Search
    • Auto populate forms
    • CAD Download utility
    • Auto-fill attribute value
    • Creo Data Analyzer
    • Publish drawings utility
    • Priority Publishing
    • Bulk Publishing
    • CREO data export utility
    • Bulk update attributes
    • Dynamic Banner on Windchill
    • Moving Windchill objects by CSV
    • Renaming CAD documents
    • Stamping on published PDF
    • SolidWorks Data Analyzer