Our Values

At Design Group...

  • We are committed to an environment that inspires our professionals to be passionate about their work. The Rules of the Culture enable each professional to realize their full potential with a sense of fulfillment every day.
  • Everyone is empowered to make an impact and our professionals are the foundation of our future. We seek to instill every professional with strong Leadership and communication skills.
  • We conduct ourselves to the highest standards of business ethics, integrity, and professionalism. Safety and client confidentiality are paramount. There will be no compromise.


For additional information on Design Group Values, please view the three Vision documents displayed on the right.

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Design Group strives to be the kind of firm that enables our professionals to return home each day with a true sense of fulfillment—the kind of company that people enjoy working for, doing business with, investing in, and having as part of their families and communities.

By sending our professionals home each night enriched by their experience with us rather than drained by it, we enable our team members to be better parents, better spouses, better friends, and better members of the community. This belief is at the heart of Barry-Wehmiller’s Guiding Principles of Leadershipour vision document which has become the very foundation of our organization. It is based upon the conviction that communication, trust, celebration, respect, and responsible freedom are important tenets of an ideal corporate culture. It’s what we mean when we say:

“We measure success by the way we touch the lives of people.”

Barry-Wehmiller’s ongoing journey of leadership, empowerment and continuous improvement contributes to a rich cultural environment in which people can realize their gifts, apply and develop their talents, and feel a genuine sense of fulfillment for their contributions in pursuit of a common inspirational vision. Bob Chapman, Barry-Wehmiller’s Chairman and CEO, summed it up: “Providing exceptional engineering and consulting services and building outstanding capital equipment are Barry-Wehmiller’s value propositions but we have the most pride in something else we build: great people. Business organizations need to realize the enormous potential they have to make this world a better place by creating environments where people can develop and be recognized for their gifts and return home fulfilled.”

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